Simon Hurst
696 days ago
Data Analysis in Excel 2016
Data analysis is one of the most common tasks performed in Excel. Whether for reviewing your personal accounts or presenting findings to your business, it is an essential skill for modern knowledge workers. In recent years, some of the major changes in Excel have been designed to extend its data analysis capabilities. As well as improvements to PivotTables, including the introduction of the Power Pivot Add-in, several new data visualisation features have been added as has Power Query. In addition, a few months ago a free, standalone Business Intelligence program was released: Power BI. This webinar will show you the key tools and functions to use when conducting data analysis in Excel 2016. By the end of the webinar you'll be able to handle data sets - from the very small to the very large - and present your findings using the most appropriate charts. We will look at Excel's main data analysis features: - PivotTables - Power Pivot - Visualisation features including Power Map - Recent additions and developments
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